Prenatal Massage in Dubai

On one hand where pregnancy gives you beautiful memories, delivery brings you challenges. Prenatal massage in Dubai by Serenity Home Spa is an exercise that helps make delivery easier for a pregnant woman and her baby. It also reduces stress, enhances well-being and helps bond with the baby.

Prenatal massage in Dubai is a form of alternative medicine that is used during pregnancy. It includes the usage of hands, thumbs and forearm to give strokes to the muscles and other parts of the body. If you are planning to get prenatal massage in Dubai, then give a call to Serenity Home Spa today.

Make pregnancy the most happening phase of your life through Prenatal Massage in Dubai

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Swelling in hands and feet, nausea, anxiety, stress of upcoming responsibilities and there are many more struggles in the life of pregnant women.

While nothing can do to solve a pregnant woman’s problems, Serenity Home Spaoffers Pre-natal massage to limit her suffering.

Selectprenatal massage services in Dubai from Serenity Home Spa. The various benefits of Prenatal Massage in Dubai include:

Back Massage

Relieves back pain

Couple massage

Reduce stress

Woman Back Massage

Increases relaxation

Foot massage

Increases circulation

Thai Massage

Decreases swelling

Facial massage

Relieves headaches

Woman Bac massage

Improves sleep

Postnatal Massage

Reduces depression

Our Prenatal Massage in Dubai: An Overview

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When delivering pre-natal massage to our clients, we apply mild pressure that soothes your pain in areas such as lower back, hips and legs. We ask our clients to lie on their sides to avoid any pressure on the baby. The massage therapy continues for 60 minutes to 90 minutes but gives you energy and peace for the whole week.

While giving prenatal massage our massage therapiststreat the following body parts:

Foot massage

Gentle foot rub

Woman Back Massage

Back rub

young woman massage

Shoulder rub

Facial massage

Scalp massage

At-Home Prenatal Massage in Dubai

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A pregnant woman has to see and take care of many things. In such a scenario, we don’t want to bother her even quite a bit. Thus, we provide her pre-natal massage in the comforts of her home.

There is plethora of benefits to giving a pre-natal massage at-home to a pregnant woman. A few of them include:

No hassle of going anywhere

It saves her time

No exposure to traffic and pollution

Prolonged relaxation

Saved fuel costs

Contact Serenity Home Spa for Prenatal Massage in Dubai

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If you have little feet coming to your home soon, then opt for prenatal massage in Dubai from the Serenity Home Spa. Our trained massage therapists will come to your doorstep to help you overcome the challenges of pregnancy to a huge extent. Give a call to our massage therapists and we will be at your place in no time.